Driven Minds Extends Appreciation to Delta Racewear for Generous Support Providing Custom Polo shirts to Ambassador Group

Driven Minds expresses sincere appreciation to Delta Racewear for their generous support providing  custom polo shirts to our Ambassador group. The contribution from Delta Racewear, a prominent name in motorsport apparel, underscores their commitment to supporting mental wellness within the racing community.

As a leading force in the promotion of mental health & fitness within motorsport, we recognise the importance of fostering a supportive environment for competitors, teams, and enthusiasts alike. The donation of custom polo shirts from Delta Racewear not only enhances the unity and visibility of our Ambassador group but also symbolises a shared dedication to promoting mental well-being within the high-pressure world of motorsport.

Nick Ramsay-Gough, Director of Partnerships for Driven Minds, conveyed his gratitude, stating;

“We’re super grateful to Delta for their generous donation, with their support reinforcing the solidarity within the awesome community of motorsport. Together, we are accelerating positive change and breaking down barriers surrounding mental health!”

Delta Racewear, spearheaded by Mary Micouris, holds a distinguished reputation in motorsport apparel. Founded with a passion for racing and a commitment to quality, Delta Racewear provides custom-designed racing suits, teamwear, and accessories tailored to meet the unique needs of drivers and teams. Mary, whose son, Theo, is competing in the European Ligier Series in 2024, brings firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the demands of the racing world to Delta Racewear.

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Driven Minds remains committed in its mission to promote the importance of good mental health and a healthy mindset to those within UK Motorsport and the automotive industry, and provide accessible routes to support and information to improve mental health, and partnerships with organizations like Delta Racewear play a crucial role in advancing this important cause.